Fun for the Whole Family at Tulsa’s Brush Creek Bazaar

Fun for the Whole Family at Tulsa's Brush Creek Bazaar

Slip on your comfortable shoes and put on sunscreen because it is time to go to the annual Brush Creek Bazaar. Over 100 artists will show off their wares for three days of shopping, music, and carnival fun. You can support local artisans by patronizing their booths. This is a great place to find handmade items for holiday gifts. The children will … [Read more...]

Outfit Your Closet at Tulsa’s Oldest Ethnic Festival

Outfit Your Closet at Tulsa's Oldest Ethnic Festival

Fall is quickly approaching, and soon there will be many fall events in Tulsa from which to choose. However, the Tulsa Greek Festival is the perfect chance for you to enjoy yourself while purchasing new clothes to go in your closet. We are fortunate to have many great amenities at our luxury apartments such as large closets. There is more than … [Read more...]

Become a Zooper Trooper to Help the Tulsa Zoo

Become a Zooper Trooper to Help the Tulsa Zoo

You've found your perfect new home, but something is missing. The key to enjoying any new community is being a part of it at any capacity possible. Thanks to the Tulsa Zoo, there are more than enough volunteer opportunities in Tulsa, specifically as a Zooper Trooper. This October, those age 13 and older can volunteer free time or to earn service hours … [Read more...]

Light Up Tulsa’s Veterans Park For The Glow Run 5K

Glow Run 5K

Finding a way to stay healthy and active can be a chore, but attending fun community events like a 5K race in Tulsa can help give you some additional motivation. This August light up the night by racing in the Tulsa Glow Run 5K. The Glow Run begins Aug. 24 at 8:30 p.m. at Veteran's Park. You will want to arrive a little early so you can get warmed up … [Read more...]

Go Outdoor In The Raw Near Barcelona

Sushi, nigiri og maki

As the summer comes to a close, we want to be able to indulge in all of the beautiful weather we can before the autumn chill sets in. Here at our apartments with old world charm, we are happy to say that our luxury apartments feature enclosed balconies so you can enjoy the benefits of a balcony without the torture of sitting through harsh … [Read more...]

Head to The Brady Arts District for Cynthia Brown

Head to The Brady Arts District for Cynthia Brown

Perhaps you're a huge art fan or you're just starting to discover your passion for art. Regardless, the events in the Brady Arts District, like art crawls, are popular for Brady. In fact, there is an ongoing First Friday Art Crawl event that is a huge hit. This crawl involves local businesses and restaurants in the art district, and it is … [Read more...]

Things to Do in Tulsa: Pinot’s Palette at Cherry Street


Drinking and painting go hand-in-hand. This may seem like a stereotypical image of a painter -- to be drinking a glass of wine while working on their next piece -- but there's some truth behind it. We enjoy telling our residents about the many interesting things to do in Tulsa, so if you want to take a stab at art while having a few drinks, we recommend … [Read more...]

Find Your Favorite Restaurant Chains Around Promenade Mall


Living in Barcelona Apartments near Tulsa Promenade can benefit you on nights when cooking is the least feasible option for dinner. A five-minute drive down the street can give you numerous opportunities for delicious meals in any one of the mall-area restaurants. The area houses several well-known chains, such as: Carl's, Jr. Chipotle … [Read more...]

Join Turn Tulsa Pink’s Upcoming August Events


Imagine waking up to the entire city covered in pink! That was the vision that inspired founder Judi Grove when she organized Turn Tulsa Pink to raise money for cancer victims. The organization she initiated differs from other charitable organizations in several critical elements. The charity does not limit its services to a specific type of cancer, … [Read more...]

3 Lakeside Getaways Near Tulsa for Outdoor Recreation

3 Lakeside Getaways Near Tulsa for Outdoor Recreation

Do you like being outdoors surrounded by nature? Our apartments are situated in the perfect location to partake in Tulsa outdoor recreation. We are fortunate to have several lakes within a short distance from us that we can enjoy with our friends and family. Grand Lake is perfect for all sorts of water activities. This lake is approximately … [Read more...]

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5 Creative Costumes You Can Make for Halloween


Dressing up for Halloween can be fun and exciting, but the price of a costume quickly adds up. However, it doesn't have to cost a fortune to dress up this Halloween. Make note of the following money-saving tips when it comes to putting together a Halloween costume. It's very easy and inexpensive to put together a child's fairy costume. Purchase a … [Read more...]

Decorate with Fall Leaves in Your Case Apartment


Fall is quickly approaching, and perhaps you'd like to decorate your apartment to reflect the changing season. Fall leaves with their beautiful shades of red, gold, and orange can be perfect for fall apartment decorating. Make note of the following tips on how to utilize these leaves in your apartment home. When you use fall leaves … [Read more...]

Fall Activities for the Whole Family in Tulsa

Fall Activities for the Whole Family in Tulsa

Fall is a great time to head into our community and participate in some wonderful events. There are many activities that the whole family will enjoy. Check out some of the fall events in Tulsa, and get the whole family involved. Head out to Oktoberfest from October 16th until October 19th. It is a terrific event that has live music, carnival … [Read more...]

Late Night Ghost Stories at El Paso’s Magoffin Historic Site

Late Night Ghost Stories at El Paso's Magoffin Historic Site

Halloween is quickly approaching, and Halloween events in El Paso provide a terrific way to kick off the holiday. This year, Magoffin Home is bringing you the perfect spine-tingling event. Get ready for the much anticipated Ghost Stories by Moonlight. This Halloween event will take place on October 24th and October 25th from 7:30 pm to 10 pm. It will … [Read more...]

Create Fall-Inspired Treats in Your Case Apartment

Create Fall-Inspired Treats in Your Case Apartment

Fall is quickly approaching, which means Halloween is right around the corner. This is the perfect time for you to throw a fun, costume-themed party. Make note of the following Halloween party planning tips to treat your guests to fall-inspired treats. Harvest Spice Chocolate Chip Pudding Mix Cookies are easy to make and have a light pumpkin … [Read more...]