How to Pick a New Vacuum for Your Barcelona Carpets

The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

When it comes to modern advancements in technology, few have made keeping our home as tidy as the vacuum cleaner. This handy tool has come a long way, and now there are hundreds of models on the market. This can be confusing, however, when it comes time to purchase a new vacuum. If you need apartment cleaning tips on how to pick a new vacuum for your … [Read more...]

See Cold War Kids at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa

Cold War Kids

If you have a passion for music, independent artists or late-night entertainment, this March, there will be the perfect show for you. Cold War Kids, a California-based alternative band, will play at Cain's Ballroom in downtown Tulsa for one night only. Debuting in 2006 with positive reviews from music sources like Alternative Press and Rolling Stone … [Read more...]

3 Restaurants in Tulsa to Spend St. Patrick’s Day

Kilkenny's Irish Pub

St. Patrick's Day is a great holiday to get out on the town and enjoy all the many different restaurants in Tulsa. Whether or not you're Irish, you're more than welcome to indulge in all of the exciting and fun activities that will be happening throughout our area on St. Patrick's Day. Here are some restaurants that you should definitely check out for … [Read more...]

5 Scents to Help You Work Harder in Our Tulsa Business Center

5 Scents for Improving Productivity

We're fortunate to live at our apartments in Tulsa with business center. It is especially convenient for those of us who work from home. You can even use aromatherapy to help you be more productive while you work. Make note of the following scents that can help you work harder and think quicker on your feet. Cinnamon can help to increase your … [Read more...]

How to Stick to Your Workout Goals in Our Barcelona Fitness Center

How to Stick to Your Workout Goals in Our Barcelona Fitness Center

Exercise seems really simple, but a lot of people struggle to stick to their workout goals. You'll need to shake things up if you want to not give up on your exercise objectives. Set Measurable Goals It is easier to know if you are sticking with your workout plan if you set and maintain measurable goals. For instance, you might decide to do an … [Read more...]

Make Reservations to Stonehorse Cafe for a Valentine’s Day Dinner

Make Reservations to Stonehorse Cafe for a Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine's Day is nearly here, and you're still trying to figure out where to eat. While there are many great restaurants in Tulsa, Stonehorse Cafe & Market should be your stop this year. This beautiful, locally-owned restaurant is located at 1748 Utica Square. With dishes prepared with French technique and a New England influence, you can … [Read more...]

Ways to Green Laundry in Your Barcelona Apartment

Ways to Green Laundry in Your Barcelona Apartment

Our apartments in Tulsa with washer and dryer appliances in each unit are a great place for you to go green when doing your laundry chores. With the washer and dryer right there in your apartment, you have total control over every step of the clothes washing process, so you can make sure each step is as green as possible. Use cold water for … [Read more...]

Add Timeless Decor to Your Apartment at the Vintage Tulsa Show

Add Timeless Decor to Your Apartment at the Vintage Tulsa Show

One of the events in Tulsa you need to check out is the Vintage Tulsa Show to add timeless decor to your apartment. The Exchange Center at Expo Square will be the venue from February 20th to February 22nd for the Vintage Show; this event showcases merchandise from 125 of America’s finest dealers. This is Oklahoma’s top antique and vintage sale. … [Read more...]

Start the Year with a New Hairstyle at Chrysalis in Tulsa


If you are looking to make significant changes in your life in 2015, start with a change to your look. A new hairstyle might be just what you need to kick-start an attitude and help you achieve your goals in the New Year. Chrysalis is a high-end salon in Tulsa that specializes in hair care and treatments. Start your transformation with one of its … [Read more...]

How to Create a Home Theater in Your Tulsa Apartment

How to Create a Home Theater in Your Tulsa Apartment

Imagine you've come home after a long day of work to recline in a comfortable chair in your very own home theater. This doesn't have to be a fantasy. You already live in our luxury Midtown Tulsa apartments that are perfect for creating a home theater. Following these tips, you can perfect the look and ultimately perfect your lifestyle. Pick the … [Read more...]

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Our Residents Love Living Near the University of Tulsa

Tulsa University

An education is the key to a brighter future, and at Case & Associates, our Tulsa apartments for rent near the University of Tulsa are a fantastic place for you to work and study as you pursue your dreams. The University is the heart of Tulsa. It's where everyone from recent high school graduates to non-traditional students are gathering to pursue … [Read more...]

We Encourage Residents to Visit the Shops at Utica Square

Source: iStock/Halfpoint

Case & Associates has a number of apartments for rent in Tulsa near Utica Square. This ideal location places our residents just moments from some of the best shopping in town. Throughout the mall, you'll find great deals and fabulous new styles and fashions being displayed every day of the year. Some of the most popular stores you will want to take … [Read more...]

Grab a Drink at the Nearby Marshall Brewing Company


In Tulsa you'll never have to travel far to find a place to grab a drink, but a brewery is where you'll want to be to find unique brews of beer you can't find anywhere else. One brewery near some of our Case & Associates properties that's open to the public is Marshall Brewing Company.  As of now, they have five year-round beers. The Sundown … [Read more...]

1 or 2 Bedroom: Which Tulsa Floor Plan is Right for Me?

woman in apartment

Deciding between 1 and 2 bedroom apartment floor plans in Tulsa can be a big decision. On one hand, the extra bedroom is nice to have and can be turned into an office or used for out of town guests. On the other, two bedrooms cost more than one which means a little added expense each month. Determining which is right for you requires considering your … [Read more...]

Our Cedar Glade Apartments are Near Tulsa’s East Pointe Center

Case & Associates Properties

It's not everyday that a new community opens up and we're thrilled to say that our apartments for rent in Tulsa near East Pointe Shopping Center are ready for residents. As always, our Case & Associates communities are designed to make our resident's feel comfortable and relaxed. To that end, each apartment features high-quality appliances, … [Read more...]